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Hello and welcome to First House on the Left. We are a small but mighty web design and development agency based in Shropshire, but hoping soon to find ourselves up in the beautiful Highlands of Scotland. It turns out trying to move in the middle of a pandemic and Brexit isn’t the easiest of jobs, but we’re all taking the opportunity to get our ducks in a row and get some good projects under our belts. Lockdown may be a bad time for getting out and about, but it’s a great time for getting online businesses going!

I always find it can be hard starting a new venture; it’s like standing at the bottom of a mountain staring up at the peak with fear, with a world of unknowns ahead of you. But then you take a step, and another step, and another, and soon enough you’re well on your way. Self-motivation is key, along with a readiness and confidence to put yourself out there - not always easy but definitely always worth it if you can build that initial momentum.

We’ve got some fun projects on the go over here, from craft businesses to English tutors, plus core development of our NINA platform that powers our sites. Lots of new features in the pipeline including full e-commerce support, analytics, and some really advanced user management tools. Stay tuned :)



First House on the Left is now officially a Scottish wed design agency! We made the move back in March and, after months of dealing with packing, removals, renovations and reams and reams of paperwork we're all happily up in the Highlands and ready for the next chapter!

We've already picked up a couple of new clients in the Banffshire area, with new corners of cyberspace being prepared for top quality local businesses.

Meanwhile the NINA engine continues to grow, providing the power behind all our sites. Do check out the NINA page to see some of the features we have available and how we help make the most of our customers' online presence.



Well after 12 months of ups, downs, triumphs, heartbreaks, and many many long hours of work, First House on the Left HQ is practically finished. It's been a gentle start with the agency work, but with the days once more outshining the nights, it's time to shift gear and get building. I'm really passionate about working with local businesses and creating great online presence, tuned not only for form, but also for function.

This is a full service agency so we can provide design, hosting, maintainance, search engine optimisation, domain name registration, and email setup. You just tell us what you want to put out into the world, and we make it happen.