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On the Go at FHOTL

There are quite a few irons in the fire over here at HQ, across a number of industries, including retail, education and high-tech offerings:

We've been working with Made With Care, a local handcraft and design business with a bit of a speciality in 3D printing. They've got great designs and have lots more in the pipeline, with earrings, pendants, jewellery and dreamcatchers to name but a few. They've used our product management and blogging engines to great effect with their offerings, and are soon to be our first end-to-end e-commerce customer.

We've built a platform for The English Advocate, who is an incredibly talented English tutor offering online tuition across the UK and beyond. She's initially using our platform to drive a brochure site with dynamic content, custom contact form, blogging, and Google Calendar integration, and will be progressing to offering a student portal with permission-based resource management.

Circus Tree is a site we've built for a local artist (the name comes from how her young son used to pronounce ‘conservatory', which is the room in which she has her studio set up). She takes inspiration from the world around her to create some really wonderful pieces. It's another site that uses our product management and categorisation tools.

Our main 'skunkworks' project is a cool application that, once completed, will allow users to design machine embroidery patterns and export them ready for use on their machines. They'll also be able to store their designs, share them with others, browse galleries of popular designs and much more!
It began life as a "do we think we can do this, let's have a play around" sort of thing following a conversation with the guys at Made With Care, but is now getting very close to beta testing stage. We're using a lot of cutting edge HTML canvas functions, along with plenty of advanced mathematical algorithms to convert images into stitch plans. Stay tuned for more information.