Ghostbuster Pack

This was the product of a bit of fun junk modelling with my eldest. We started with an old radio case, then covered a piece of plywood in leather (rough cut, fold over and fix with a staple gun) to fit in place of the old panel. The straps are leather offcuts, and the rest…

Whittling Knives

For my main work I tend to use the Mora Companion and Mora 106 in combination. The Companion is the most fantastic camp knife; it keeps an edge like no knife I’ve ever had and is fantastic for coarse work, particularly rough shaping and stripping bark. The Mora 106 is arguably the best fine whittling…

Easy Leather Purses

After seeing these for sale at many a craft fair I decided to have a go myself and discovered that they are realy simple to make, and a great project for introductory leatherwork.

Butter Knives

Butter knives are the first thing I learned to whittle, and the undisputed classic item to whittle when you find yourself with a spare half-hour and a random branch.