Sep '19

The Preparations

Although we are still waiting to find a buyer for our current home (anyone out there fancy a beautiful 4-bed detached in sunny North Shropshire?) it’s surprising the amount we’ve been able to get done ready for the move. In no particular order we have found a house and had an offer accepted, had quotes for the building work that would need doing to it, obtained a mortgage decision in principle, instructed a conveyancer ready for the sale, instructed a conveyancer for the purchase (the Scottish system is different so we can’t get one conveyancer to handle it all), had removal quotes, and started putting lots of stuff into storage. It’s already been no small amount of effort but the more we can do in advance, the less stressful the move week itself will be. Hopefully.

Nairn House From The Front

The house we have found was built in the 1880s, at a time when Nairn was a very different place, although it had long since been a thriving harbour town. It gives us the balance we were looking for on many levels; rural location vs town convenience, walking distance to the beach but also the local shops, fifteen minutes drive to Inverness and yet with a wealth of countryside around. It is also liveable initially (just about!), but the work required gave us some good negotiating power, and will give us the opportunity to make it our own. It’s going to be a challenge for sure, but one that we’re all ready for and eager to begin.

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